Domuz Gribinin Tedavisinde Homeopatik İlaçlar


yayınladığı raporda şikayetlere göre Domuz Gribinde Homeopatik olarak kullanılan ilaçlar şu şekildedir :

We have listed the symptoms for which these remedies have been indicated,

without determining an epidemic genius. The drugs mostly indicated for this

epidemic given by homeopathic Mexican doctors are the following:

Aconitum n.

1. Fear will die because of the disease

2. Red Throat

3. Onset of the symptoms after exposure to cold

4. Harsh beginning

5. The symptoms appeared suddenly

6. Red Congested face

7. Muscle aches and pains

Belladona a.

1. Red teary eyes

2. Red flushed face

4. High fever – greater than 39oC (102.2°F).

5. Acute inflammation of the throat

6. Throbbing Pain while coughing

7. Severe headache

8. Violent pulsations caused by the headache

9. Red face. Brilliant and Injected Eyes

10. Cannot stand the least light or noise

Bryonia Alba

1. Begins with sudden head pains

2. Worsened by body movement

3. Painful cough

4. Fever with chills.

5. Intense back and leg pain

6. Aggravated by the least movement, improved by rest

7. Extreme thirst for large amounts of liquid

8. Cold, red throat

9. Limb pain while walking.

10. Dryness of mucous




Arsenicum Album

1. Begins with arduous throat pain

2. Improvement by consuming hot drinks

3. Widespread cold, feels cold

4. He covers himself too much

5. Feels prostrated, tired, exhausted

6. Violent vomiting, and has frequent, but scanty diarrhea

7. Thinks will die

8. Burning evacuation

9. Cough after drinking

10. Agitated and anxious

11. Does not want to be alone

Eupatorum Perfoliatum

1. Fever that starts with chills, shivering and shaking

2. Back pain

3. Continued fever, with intense and insatiable thirst

4. Bone pain, as if they had been beaten

5. Back pain, as if it were broken

6. Snoring

7. Painful cough, aggravates the chest when coughing

8. Great pain of muscles and bones

9. Feels as if the back were dislocated

10. Congested face during fever

11. The sweating improves all the symptoms, except the headache

Mercurius Vivus

1. Begins with hoarseness and aphony

2. Catarrh, running nose, burning.

3. Sore throat as if it were raw meat

4. Dry cough, spasmodic

5. Fever with night sweats that do not improve

6. Constant thirst

7. Indented tongue

8. Halitosis

9. Very wary

10 Bone Pain




1. Has a fever chill

2. Hand trembles

3. Abundant perspiration

4. Downcast

5. Intense muscle aches, with leg pain

6. Remains immobile in bed

7. Face congestion

8. Injected Eyes, sore throat

9. Dry cough, rapid pulse

10. Despite the fever, has no thirst

11. Depression and pain

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